Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Panini= Best Sandwich I've Ever Made?

Finding something to make for dinner for my and my boyfriend is hard, I'm picky and we both like food with lots of flavor, I thought I was bad about it until I met Josh. So yesterday I searched for hours until I found a meal that sounded good, not to mention that I'm on a budget so I needed something that I didn't have to buy a cartful.
I came across this Italian Panini on Pass the Sushi and It sounded really good with soup, (I'll post the recipe for the soup I made tomorrow), so  I bookmarked it right away. 
Sadly, I do not have a panini press at my parents house, nor my boyfriends, but I knew It could still be delicious.
I defiantly recommend trying this once, Josh and myself loved them, he devoured his within minuets. I know, the bread raised my eyebrows when I bought it, (I found it at Walmart and I was so excited because it was less than $2 and I thought I was going to have to go to a more expensive store to get it.), but it wasn't as hard to cut as I thought. 
I changed the ingredients a little bit, the original recipe called for Fontina cheese, but I used white american cheese; also, I substituted sliced sandwich pepperoni and sliced salami for turkey bacon, its healthier and isn't as greasy as normal bacon. 
Crispy Italian Panini
If you get 1 loaf of the break it'll make 2-3 sandwiches
Focaccia Bread
Olive Oil
Sliced ham, I used brown sugared lunch meat
Turkey, I bought low sodium lunch meat
Turkey Bacon
White American Cheese
Fresh Ground Pepper

Cut the bread into halves or thirds, and then cut them in half through the side so that each pice is a sandwich.
Preheat the panini press or pan to medium heat
Cook the bacon, turkey bacon doesn't take very long
Drizzle olive oil on the inside of your bread slices and add the ground pepper
Layer the meat and cheese as preferred
Put the sandwich in the panini press or in your pan and apply pressure with a spatula. 
If you use a pan, flip the sandwich over  and apply pressure to the other side.
Remove, you can slice it in half if you want and enjoy!

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