Friday, October 19, 2012

Bears Cookies

It's football season once again!! It's also the perfect time make roll out cookies and use your football helmet cookie cutters.
I made these for the bears first game of the season using royal frosting and the Spiced Brown Sugar cookies I've made previously. I get so sick of sugar cookies being the cut out cookie of choice so  i really like the spiced brown sugar cookies, which offer just the right amount of spices on a very soft cookie. They're perfect for fall, football season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving so keep them in mind next time you're having a get together this time of year.
Royal frosting is very time consuming. My Mother decided to make helmet cookies for my cousins birthday after i made these and used royal frosting as well and i warned her! Your cookies will turn out beautiful but I wouldn't make these without a whole day to spare with when you're making dough, rolling out, baking, waiting or them to cool, doing outlines, flooding, and putting piping on the top. they're well worth all the time and effort though and everyone loves the end results.

Like last time I used royal frosting, last Halloween with my Chocolate Halloween Cutout Cookies, I used the recipe and tutorial by Annie's Eats

Also, I got my helmet cookie cutter at Sur-La-Table (my favorite store period.)
What cut out cookies are you making this fall?

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